International Net YOUTHCARE

YOUTHCARE as the best leading youth organization in Indonesia and one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organization in ASEAN encourage you guys to care more to the world. Be Inspiring but also inspired, spread goodness and love. Reflect to every kindness in this world; race to give the best to the world for each of us as a human being. Disguise stigma, vanish all the hatred. Giving hope, raising big dreams for each individual and world overall. With love, honesty, generosity, patience, courage, hardwork, gratitude, modesty and integrity.

In its third year YOUTHCARE FOUNDATION try to expand more to International world by establish an International Division. In such a young age, YOUTHCARE foundation succeed to build a network in Egypt, Pakistan and Germany. The big project of YOUTHCARE INTERNATIONAL is a project called Indonesia Dream. This project is an internet based activity as an effort to introduce in Indonesia to the world. With this program, YOUTHCARE is trying to give not just the beauty of Indonesia nature but also the productivity of its nation. We deliver both good and bad side of Indonesia in a wise term. With a tagline, nourish fast happiness with sharing. YOUTHCARE beckon all the youngster in the world to actively join and sharing. Together crack the problems, finding ideas, or merely motivate each other with smile, inspiring words and inspiring action.

As a social network based organization, YOUTHCARE INTERNATIONAL and the Indonesia Dream will put a lot of focus on Youtube and Facebook Fanpage. We believe, Indonesia Dream worthwhile encourage people to conjure, reckon Indonesia and support Indonesian as part of citizen of the world. And also, give inspiration, motivation and hope for bigger dream for Indonesian children, cooperating with YOUTHCARE INDONESIA. Giving scholarship information, English training for youth and also showing motivational word from international society to Indonesian student is one of the real action as a synergy from Youthcare International to YOUTHCARE Indonesia.

YOUTHCARE International also will bring inspirational products like videos and books that will be published online and offline in English language and Arabic. Not just that, with Rangers of YOUTHCARE International, we will deliver Inspirational Training and giving pep-talk in international events. With Volunteer of YOUTHCARE in each country, we want to be in the first row to understand the latest youth issue and bring out the solution. Another notion from YOUTHCARE International is to open big opportunity for all the family (RANGERS and VOLUNTEERS) of YOUTHCARE International to visit Indonesia with give all the information about conference, student exchange, and opportunity to study in Indonesia, or even have a merry holiday and homestay in Indonesia.

Expanding the network also will done all the time with Worldwide Indonesian Student Association , International NGO, International Community, TEDx, and also United Nations for youth. Hopefully, with beckoning International world, YOUTHCARE will bring synergy in developing Indonesia Dream project and YOUTHCARE Indonesia program to the world.

Do you find it interesting to know about Indonesia?

Do you find it interesting to help Indonesian?

Are you a youngster who have a big dream?

Are you a creative youth that want to be useful for the world?

Are you the one who wants to be inspired and inspiring the world?

If its yes, its compulsory for you to join YOUTHCARE INTERNATIONAL! Please contact Azmi in for further information or giving direct contribution for Indonesia Dream project. You also can join with the big family of YOUTHCARE INTERNATIONAL by become volunteer or ranger YOUTHCARE!

We are waiting for you to be YOUTHCARE family..  🙂